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Wet Weather Driving Tips from Bob


“Phoenix has seen a lot of rain this summer,” said Bob Bondurant. And for valley locals,
driving in the rain can seem overwhelming. “The thing is,” said Bob, “when it rains, the road becomes even more hazardous because the oil and road film on the asphalt is brought to the surface.”

“First things first,” explained Bob, “reduce your speed!”

Second, make sure that you are sitting more upright than usual.

“This will allow for the driver to feel the car much more efficiently, allowing quick recovery from a spin,” said Bob. “You can literally feel the over steer and under steer before the loss of car control goes into full effect.”

But, if you do begin to spin, Bob stressed the importance of a few Bondurant Method driving tips-

“Always keep your hands at the 9 and 3 position and always look where you want the car to go,” said Bob, “Find the centerline, look ahead and keep your eye on the target.”

“Your eyes will do the steering,” promised Bob.

Hydroplaning is another serious concern of drivers.

“When you hydroplane, never jerk your foot off the gas,” said Bob. “Ease your foot off the gas, do not brake!”


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