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We have four race tracks available to us here at the Bondurant School. We have our own purpose-built road course, and access to the tracks at Wildhorse Pass Motorsports Park. This provides us with the space to accommodate all types of training from highway survival training to advanced road racing and executive protection.

Bondurant Skills Pad

Skid Pad and Tracks

Eight acres of asphalt, a million possibilities. This pad is used for high performance driver training and includes a Throttle Steer Circle, Handling Oval, Accident Avoidance Simulator, Slalom Course, Autocross, and Skid Pad. The pad can be reconfigured (using cones or barriers) to set up karting tracks, a drifting area, or several kinds of skill or slalom events – perfect for group events, karting parties, video shoots, or as a valet parking lot for large group events.

Bondurant Main Track

main_trackWhether you’re a pro driver or you’ve never turned a wheel on track, the Bondurant School track provides a world class experience. The 15-turn, 1.6-mile road course, specifically designed by Bob Bondurant for high performance, race driving, and advanced driving instruction. Bondurant uses this famed track for every class and all group events that include lead-and-follow exercises or Hot Laps.

Bondurant West Track


This flat, street-style course consists of a variety of corners and speed changes that will challenge both novices and professionals alike. To get around quickly, trail braking and proper race lines must be utilized.

Bondurant SuperKart Track

Bondurant SuperKart Track

Our popular karting program has a bespoke track as well! The half-mile, 15-turn track features elevation changes, high-speed corners, and state-of-the-art timing and scoring. The Bondurant SuperKart Track is perfect for group outings, corporate kart leagues, special events, and catered parties! Everyone loves karting – a fun, and safe driving activity for anyone at any skill level.


Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park Course

Beyond our 1.6-mile course, Bondurant also utilizes Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park’s road course for select advanced road racing and corporate group programs:

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park East Track

One of the tracks used by Bondurant features a combination of high-speed corners, long straights and tight low speed turns. It is the preferred test track used by various professional racing teams, club racers, and our Advanced Road Racing classes.


20000 S. Maricopa Road, Gate #3
Chandler, AZ 85226

20000 S. Maricopa Road
Chandler, AZ 85226