Tactical Driving Techniques (TDT) is designed to transition everyday tactical drivers to high-performance vehicle operators. Daily driving habits are quickly broken down and replaced with 40 hours of new vehicle management techniques specifically designed for mission accomplishment. 90% of training time will be spent behind the wheel of five different types of vehicles on four different tracks. Deliberate operational risk management and medical planning lower the residual risk of this course to a low level and are available upon request. Student performance is measured using progress checks to ensure progression before advanced operations and are available upon course completion.

Ground skills training will prepare operators for confined space driving and autocross in the Dodge Durango SRT, leading into open space driving and highspeed full track training in the Dodge Charger SRT. It is common for operators to believe they are driving slower through the week while actually culminating in faster lap times. An accurate indicator of rapid and sustained focus while operating under pressure.

Defensive driving in Dodge Charger SRT skid cars, Ford Crown Victorias, and demolition vehicles will expose operators to situations that require unorthodox vehicular solutions to accomplish the mission while minimizing the risk to force. Advanced techniques like vehicle 180s are instructed, but most importantly, paired with the ability to analyze maneuver risk and select the best method to maximize performance and preserve the vehicle.

Mechanical skills on wheels, brakes, and cooling systems are instructed to ensure vehicle preservation for mission accomplishment, followed by techniques on vehicle commandeering and alternate starting methods. The training culminates in a series of full mission profiles that present operators with ambiguous scenarios that require rapid decision making and vehicle management under pressure for time.

Dodge Charger SRT
Dodge Charger Hellcat

  • 495 Horsepower 6.4L Hemi V8
  • 8 Speed automatic transmission, paddle shifters
  • 475 pound-feet torque
  • Three-mode active dampening suspension

Dodge Durango SRT
Dodge Durango SRT

  • 475 Horsepower 6.5L V8
  • 8 Speed automatic transmission, paddle shifters
  • 470 pound-feet torque
  • Selectable AWD

Dodge Charger Skid Car
Dodge Charger Skid Car

  • Electro-hydraulic powered suspension outriggers
  • Cockpit controlled

Ford Crown Victoria
Ford Crown Victoria

  • External wheel/fender guards for safe PIT training
  • Ramming/breaching cars (Put picture here w/ alt text for SEO)
  • Push bumpers for safe training

Ramming/Breaching Cars
Ramming Breaching Cars

  • Push bumpers for safe training

Full track

  • 1.65 miles
  • 15 turns
  • Asphalt

Lake Loop Carousel

  • 1.15 miles
  • 15 turns
  • Asphalt

Maricopa Oval

  • .32 miles
  • 4 turns
  • Asphalt

West Track

  • 1.1 miles
  • 9 turns
  • Asphalt/dirt
  • Mud/water/logs/obstacles

Ground Skills

  • Tactical driving keys
  • Seating position
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Weight transfer and balance
  • Cornering technique

Confined Space Driving

  • Paved skidding
  • Accident avoidance
  • Performance driving in confined space

Open Space Driving

  • Multiple different racetracks
  • Unfamiliar roads
  • Surface transitions
  • Night driving (white light/NVG)

Defensive Driving

  • High performance defensive driving (180, reverse, dead driver)
  • Ballistic defensive driving (PIT, PIN, barricade, breach)

Mechanical Skills

  • Vehicle acquisition and starting
  • Vehicle preservation (tire, brake and cooling systems)

Full Mission Profiles

  • Three driver teams will navigate a series of six consecutive challenges that will require all the newly learned skills, solving problems together and making high performance decisions under pressure to maximize vehicle(s) performance to accomplish their mission for time.
  • Five training days
  • 9 Students per course
  • 3:1 MIR
  • Scheduling upon request
  • $24,999

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Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Dodge Charger Hellcat
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Dodge Durango SRT
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Dodge Charger Skid Car
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Ford Crown Victoria
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in ramming breaching cars