Bondurant knows that it takes high-performance driving skills to accomplish critical objectives, which is why our staff of professional drivers has been training U.S. special operations units, the U.S. Marshal Service, and the FBI for 20+ years.

We are a proud American-owned company, the official driving school of Dodge, and situated on the largest, purpose-built driver training facility in North America. We are capable of organizational level events, or discreet low-profile training on our 450-acre facility including five different tracks and a 2.4-mile oval racing lake.

Bondurant has systematically designed its Tactical Driving Techniques (TDT) and Enhanced Driving Techniques (EDT) courses around current requirements in the full range of tactical environments. These courses deliver instructional techniques and experiences to operators through efficient, effective, and engaging conditions at the required levels of proficiency. They are graded against safe, measurable, and proven standards.

These courses use repetition, speed, and power to create a pressurized environment that will transition students from driving under stress to managing stress while driving. New techniques on driving a range of vehicles, and how to tap into the depths of concentration and emotional control will be instructed. This ability to make hyper-focused micro-decisions at high speeds will maximize vehicle performance and ensure safe mission accomplishment.

*TDT and EDT courses can be purchased in multiples and ran in unison for larger teams

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Tactical Driving Techniques (TDT) is designed to transition everyday tactical drivers to high performance vehicle operators. Daily driving habits are quickly broken down and replaced with 40 hours of new vehicle management techniques specifically designed for mission accomplishment.

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Enhanced Driving Techniques


Enhanced Driving Techniques (EDT) is a 40-hour course that builds off of operator experience in the Tactical Driving Techniques course. 90 percent of training time is spent behind the wheel of five types of vehicles on five tracks. Daily track time in the 717hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat pushes operators to new limits.

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