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Seven Corners Trip Protection

Do You Need Trip Protection?

A lot can happen to disrupt a trip! Fortunately, Seven Corners Trip protection plans make dealing with those disruptions much easier.

(Also covers non-refundable school fees and deposits)
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Trip Protection Plans for U.S. Residents   Trip Protection Plans for NON-U.S. Residents
Coverage Eligibility Protection for trip costs, medical expenses, and luggage for travel in the U.S. and abroad. Covers trips up to 90 days; there is an additional charge for trips over 30 days. All insureds must be in the U.S. at the time of purchase.   Protection for trip costs, medical expenses, and luggage for worldwide travel. Covers trips up to 30 days in length. All insureds must reside outside the United States.
Trip Cancellation Trip Cost to $30,000   Trip Cost to $30,000
Trip Interruption 150% of Trip Cost   100% of Trip Cost
Trip Delay $1500 (6 hours/$300 per day)   $500 (12 hours/$100 per day)
Missed Connection $1500 (3 hours delay)   $500 (3 hours delay)
Emergency Medical Expense $250,000   $100,000
Emergency Medical Evacuation / Repatriation $1,000,000   $100,000
Lost Baggage / Personal Effects $2,500   $2,500
Baggage Delay $600 (12 hours delay) / (3 hours for Kansas)   $200 (12 hours delay)
24 Hour AD&D $25,000   N/A
Common Carrier AD&D $25,000   N/A
Political Evacuation N/A   $100,000
Travel Assistance Services Included   Included
Optional Flight Accident $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000   N/A
Optional Rental Car Cover (CDW) $35,000   N/A
Optional Cancel For Any Reason Yes, within 20 days of trip deposit, 75%1
$500 rental equipment2
Optional Lost Golf Rounds/Equipment Rental $500 golf rounds & $500 rental equipment2   $500 (Sports Equipment Only)
Optional Lost Ski Days/Equipment Rental $500 Ski lift ticket & $500 rental equipment2   $500 (Sports Equipment Only)
Optional Cancel for Work Reasons 100% of Trip Cost2   N/A
Pre-existing waiver Yes, within 20 days of trip deposit   N/A
Additional Information

Destination Restrictions: We cannot cover travel to Cuba, Islamic Republic of Iran, and Syrian Arab Republic.

1Not available to residents of Florida or New York.

2Not available to residnets of Florida

*RoundTrip Choice is not available in these states: Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, Washington.


U.S. residents can purchase this plan for non-U.S. residents.

Insureds cannot be U.S. residents and/or U.S. Citezens traveling to the United States.

Country Restrictions: We cannot accept an address in the USA, Islamic Republic of Iran, Syrian Arab Republic, U.S. Virgin Islands, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

Destination Restrictions: We cannot cover travel to Islamic Republic of Iran and Syrian Arab Republic.

RoundTrip International does not cover pre-existing conditions and does not include CFAR.

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