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The ProKart Enduro is a race program designed specifically for the ultimate in team building. This program utilizes our 10hp Briggs and Stratton powered ProKarts which are capable of over 50mph and simple to drive fast right from the start.

Getting Ready: The driving starts with an open practice session for all competitors in no particular order. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn the karts and the track. Depending on the size of the group there may be a second session in which teams will be able to practice pit stops, determine the driving order, how long each person will drive, and plan race strategies.

The Race: The typical main event is one hour in length, but varies with group size. At the finish the checkered flag will fall and the team with the most laps wins.


Each team will have to do a pre-determined number of pit stops with driver changes based on team size.
If you do not come to a complete stop entering the pit there will be a 5 second penalty.
Rough driving will result in a black flag and a stop and go penalty.
Failure to complete the correct number of pit stops will result in a one minute penalty per pit stop not completed.
*Program only available through group events or as part of course curriculum, not for individual sale.

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