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Pirelli World Challenge This Weekend

The Bondurant Team will continue to engage with racing’s future as we take part in the Pirelli World Challenge at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX.

This incredibly exciting race will host the Bondurant team as we take part in VIP Hot Laps, Consumer Interface, and Pre-Race Parade Laps. But the most exciting part will be watching one of our own take part in the event.

Bondurant Instructor Andy Lee will be racing in the event, representing us all in his quest for victory. We’ll be there for every engine-revving moment, and we invite you to follow the action on our Facebook and Twitter feeds! You can also follow the race on, and cheer on your Bondurant team.

We’re so excited to build on the racing pedigree that Bob Bondurant began, and continue to establish ourselves at the forefront of racing excitement and technology as the years progress

Additionally, you can follow the race on, and cheer on your Bondurant team.


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