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The New Bondurant VR1 Running Shoe

Breaking News – April 1st, 2015, the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving is launching their innovative high performance running shoe to the world.

The opportunity spawned when a World Renowned Olympic runner attended a 4-Day Grand Prix Road Racing course at the school. He realized the significance of weight transfer on the contact patch and how it translated to the agility and momentum on the race track, similar to his shoes for running. After discussing with some of the Bondurant team members, the evolution of the ultimate high performance running shoe began.

The Bondurant team members partnered up with Goodyear and took on the challenge, by running a series of test on a wide variety of elements for the state-of-the-art running shoe. After a few weeks, Bondurant and Goodyear found the perfect combination of materials and started the conceptual phase of the VR1.

Below are the specifications for the VR1 Running Shoe:



 F1 Z Rated Compound Soles

Superior Rebound Properties, Grip and Traction

 Dual–density Midsoles

Shock Absorption and Control

 Heel Counters

Control and Stability

 Contoured Support Systems

Pivoting Motion

 Arch Support

Pronation Control

 Feather Weight Fiber Tech Mesh

Lightness, Breathability, and Comfort

 Width Fittings

Fit, Support, and Comfort

The sole of the shoe is made with the same compounds of a Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar G:2 Z Rated Racing Tire, providing versatility with the grip and velocity of the foot movements. With the new air carbon fiber technology for the insoles and the Feather Weight Fiber Tech Mesh fabric that helps with over 37% more airflow than the average running shoe, which is important for endurance. In the completion stage, we had invited the members of an Olympic running team for an extensive field test with the final version of the VR1 running shoe. The results were astonishing with a 20% increase in the power, acceleration, speed and endurance for track times.

The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving is proud to unveil the Bondurant VR1 running shoe and will be sold exclusively at the Bondurant facility.


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