The most demanding moments behind the wheel require a level of knowledge and confidence that only precision training can impart. For over 50 years, Bondurant has established itself as the premier destination for high performance, military and law enforcement vehicle training. Our goal isn’t just to train drivers, but enable them to respond quickly and confidently within a moment’s notice.

Our innovative training courses have set Bondurant apart as the absolute authority in technique and delivery in this industry. We continue to support and bolster military, law enforcement, and special forces efforts through specific driver training, helping the courageous men and women on our front lines to stay safe and in control.

Bondurant offers 2 – 4 day Driver Development Programs. Call for details or to customize a class for your needs. Our 4-day Executive Protection Program consists of: Pit Maneuvers, Barricade Breaching, Reverse 180s and Unfamiliar Roads.

– Vehicle: Dodge SRT Skid Cars
– Seat Time:  Approximately 80%
– Class Size: 3 students per instructor

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Military and Executive Driving

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