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Get to Know Peter Miller


When Pete Miller isn’t busy coaching
drivers or taking rapper 50 cent on hot laps, you will find him instructing at
the Bondurant High Performance Driving School.  Pete, 37, has called Bondurant ‘home’ for over 15 years. As
an adolescent, he spent his time following in the footsteps of his race-car-driving
father.  At only 10, he began racing 100cc Enduro Go Karts.

Shortly after the start of his
racing career, Pete had his first taste of the Bondurant method, and
immediately fell in love.  Pete’s relationship
with Bondurant began at Malibu Grand Prix in his hometown of New Jersey.

“Bob’s method, portrayed to me through
a ‘pimply-faced teenage kid, proved to me overwhelmingly that the Bondurant
School was somewhere I needed to be,” said Pete.

Two years later, Pete became a
professional driver. He was able to travel to many tracks on the east coast
circuit- Charlotte, Daytona, Lime Rock and Road America, among others. With
Bondurant still on the brain, Pete’s father promised him a course at the school
upon receiving his state drivers’ license. 

When Pete turned 17, and received
his license, he eagerly packed his bags for Arizona. As a student at the
Bondurant High Performance Driving School, he was able to form a strong bond
with many of the instructors. This eventually led to Pete becoming an
instructor himself.

“The best part of Bondurant,” said
Pete “is that you’re always on the track behind the wheel of a great car- it
helps me stay sharp.”

Pete finds driving to be quite
meditative because 100 percent concentration and focus is needed. “There are no
problems beyond the steering wheel,” Pete added.

And, his favorite aspect of racing?
Simply, “When the green flag drops.”

But, Pete finds his students to be
the most rewarding aspect of Bondurant.

“It’s a fun competition between the
instructions,” Pete explained. “The students we get weekly, they are my race
team. I don’t necessarily need them to be the fastest, but I want them to be
the best listeners, have the least communication errors and get the most out of
the course.”

Pete found he develops many
rewarding relationships with the students that experience Bondurant. A week
spent with students Becky Freeman, Ken freeman, Cody Freeman and Adam Whick led
to Pete’s participation in the Lucas Oil Off Road Experience.

Ken Freeman, a big-name in the
off-road world, was unable to make it to Firebird Raceway for LOOR. Ken decided
after a week spent with Pete as an instructor, he the perfect driver for his
truck. That was Pete’s first Lucas Oil Race, but has since tested in Pro 2

“Those are the coolest tucks, 1,000
horse-power,” Pete said.

“Trucks capable of speeds over 100
miles per hour fit my driving style,” Pete smirked, “I’m kind of aggressive.”


Favorite Track: Daytona. It’s a very simple track, but the
history there is untouchable. Driving wise, I like tracks like Road Atlanta,
and Cedars Point.

Favorite Driver: I found a lot of inspiration in Ayrton
Senna.. I was racing intently the year that he died.


20000 S. Maricopa Road, Gate #3
Chandler, AZ 85226

P.O. Box 51980
Phoenix, AZ 85076



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