Experience the excitement of high-speed, open-air karting in our new fleet of gas-powered go-karts. Our karts are the result of 30 years of testing and development, featuring hydraulic brakes with a pressure equalizing system, flat top steering wheel, 17mm stub axle, heavy duty bodywork, and MG tires. Powered by a Honda GT 270cc engine, these karts are plenty capable of carving up the Bondurant Karting Track with your foot to the floor and a smile on your face.

The Bondurant track is an incredible proving ground where drivers can fully explore the performance and handling capabilities of our karts. Not only are these karts ideal for aspiring drivers to launch a racing career, but they’re perfect for a date night or corporate event with the wide-open Arizona sky as your backdrop.

– Vehicle: Piquet Go-Kart | Gasoline-powered 270cc engine
– Seat Time:  Up to 2 hours, depending on group size
– Group Size: Starting at 10 drivers with a maximum of 30

  • Race on the Bondurant Go Kart course (inside the main track)
  • Minimum 14 years old or 48 inches tall
  • Includes 10 minute ground school
  • Helmets provided
  • All participants and guests must sign waiver
  • Food and beverage catering, available upon request
  • Starting as low as $1500
  • Email or call to schedule
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Dodge Charger Hellcat

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