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Bondurant Instructor Tyler TibbittsTyler’s racing aspirations started at a very young age, his love for the sport had a simple start by going with his father, to a local indoor go karting track. The karts were not very fast so it helped Tyler develop a smooth driving technique in order to maintain momentum through the corners. Over the years that technique still shines through in whatever wheel he gets behind.

After an outing to the newly built world class racing facility in Tooele, Utah formerly know as Miller Motorsports Park, where Tyler received a high speed hot lap experience from one of the tracks professional drivers, a fire of passion was lit in Tyler.

From that point on he decided to take the steps in pursuing a career as a professional race driver. He has since raced everything from 125 shifter karts, and been ranked among the top drivers in the country, to open wheel formula cars and GT cars.

Everyday he continues gaining knowledge and experience in all sorts of different vehicles and in all sorts of different driving scenarios, from slow mobility off road driving and off road racing, tactical maneuvers, and of course the wheel to wheel road racing skills he started developing before he could legally drive.


Sprint Racing:

  • ASA Hornet Class Rookie of the Year in 2008
  • Ranked 2nd Utah Karting Championship and Ranked 17th over all in the US in 2010
  • Colorado State Karting Champion in 2014
  • NASA ST3 Class 2016
Endurance Racing:
  • Chump Car World Series C Class 2017
  • World Racing League GP1 Class 2017


20000 S. Maricopa Road, Gate #3
Chandler, AZ 85226

20000 S. Maricopa Road
Chandler, AZ 85226