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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Bondurant Racing School

How fast will I go?

How fast do you want to go? You’re driving! How fast you go depends on you and your abilities, and higher speeds will come with knowledge and experience. While we encourage participants to find their limits, every student is coached at their individual comfort level.

We also start with a variety of driving exercises geared to teach you the basics of car control. Only after you’ve established a solid foundation will you be able to drive to the best of your abilities.

As far as the cars go, we do not put any RPM or speed limits on them, except for the Slalom course and Accident Avoidance exercise. While other schools may start you at 3,000 RPM and gradually move you up, we feel you need to explore the car’s limits from the very beginning.

Why Bondurant?

Because we offer the best professional driver training curriculum and instructors anywhere, and we’ve been doing it since 1968. Just ask any Bondurant graduate!

One of the biggest distinctions is the fact that we have our own purpose-built, state-of-the-art training facility here in Phoenix, Arizona. Bob designed everything with high performance and race driver training in mind, from the 1.6-mile racetrack and 3.5-acre asphalt pad, to the classroom and garage complex. We also feature the most advanced exercises and equipment, such as our Skid Cars.

The Dodge Challenger 392s, Hellcats and Charger R/T skid cars are also perfect training vehicles. They are fast, handle well, and extremely reliable, but more importantly, they offer the right kind of feedback critical for driver training. All vehicles allow us to ride and drive with you in the car, and our 3-to-1 student-to-instructor ratio gives you plenty of quality individual attention.

Why is it important for your instructors to ride with the students?

This is the only way to see what’s really happening inside the car, with your feet, hands and eyes. We can see what you’re doing right and what you may be doing wrong, and give instant feedback. It doesn’t help if you keep taking a corner wrong over and over again, then to tell you about it at the end of the session. You need to practice doing it correctly from the very beginning.

You simply cannot teach a skill such as high performance or race driving from the outside. How would you like to learn to fly a helicopter with your instructor standing on the ground?

How many schools do you have?

One. And it’s located near Phoenix, Arizona at the Wild Horse Pass MotorSports Park. We’re about 15 minutes south of Phoenix Sky Harbor International airport, just off of the I-10 freeway.

While we are part of the Wild Horse Pass MotorSports Park facility, we have our own 60-acre area including our track, training pad, garages, and office buildings. We also have access to three other tracks at WHP MotorSports Park, which we sometimes use for our Advanced Road Racing courses.

On the road, we offer mobile Formula Bondurant courses at Phoenix International Raceway. We also conduct special courses for car clubs at racetracks across the country and in Canada.

Wasn't the School previously at Sears Point International Raceway in northern California?

Yes, that was us. The School first started on Valentine’s Day in 1968 at Orange County International Raceway near Los Angeles, then soon moved to Ontario Motor Speedway. In 1973, we moved to Sears Point where we stayed for 17 years.

In 1990, we packed up everything and moved to the state-of-the-art WHP MotorSports Park facility which we built. Bob always wanted to have his own location where he could design everything specifically for driver training. The facility we have now in Phoenix is fantastic!

When are your courses offered?

Our courses are offered seven days a week, year-round.

How many people are usually in a class?

Normal class size is 6-9 people. And remember, we feature a maximum of 3-to-1 student-to-instructor ratio in our regularly-scheduled courses. For example, if there are 9 students in a class, we have three instructors teaching.

For large group events and custom courses, we may deviate from the 3-to-1 ratio. Often, we’ll break the group into equal numbers of participants, depending on the overall size of the group.

How do I sign up for a course?

Call our Sales Department and see what dates are available. We tend to fill our courses about three months in advance, so it’s best to schedule early!

When you find a date you would like to sign up for, we require a 50% deposit, usually with a credit card. Some courses, including Performance Driving Challenge and Performance Driving Experience, require full payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We reserve a space for you over the phone, send you a confirmation packet and ask you to return the student enrollment form by mail.

The balance will then be due at registration the first morning of your course.

What if I need to change my booking?

You can change your course date, or even cancel for whatever reason. However, please keep in mind, we do have strict policies and fees for cancellations and changes.

Reschedule Policy:

One (1) free reschedule is allowed if more than 30 days before a scheduled course date. Any additional reschedules if more than 30 days before a scheduled course date cost $250.00 each. Rescheduling 29-11 days before a scheduled course date cost $500.00 or 50% of the course deposit, whichever is less. Rescheduling 10 days or less before a scheduled course date will result in a 50% forfeiture of the course price.

Refund Policy:

Refunding more than 30 days before a scheduled course date will result in a $250.00 fee. Refunds 29-11 days before a scheduled course date will result in a $500.00 fee or 50% of the course deposit, whichever is less. Refunds 10 days or less before a scheduled course date will result in a 50% loss of the course price.

What if I want to purchase a course for other people, but I don't know when they want to take it?

We offer gift certificates for all courses. The certificate can be for an entire course, or for a dollar amount towards a course. We issue a “No Date” gift certificate that entitles the holder to take advantage of the certificate for a period of one year from the date of issuance.

Are there any requirements for me to attend?

You must be at least 16 years of age, in good physical condition, hold a valid non-restricted driver’s license, and have at least six months driving experience. You will also be required to sign all Bondurant School waivers and releases.

Grand Prix Road Racing students must be 18 years of age and comfortable operating a manual transmission in preparation for the Formula Mazdas. Minors must have a parental waiver to attend the School. And remember, teenage course participants are required to have at least 6 months driving experience in addition to a valid driver’s license.

What does the course price include?

The tuition includes all course materials and use of necessary equipment such as race suits and helmets. Unless otherwise specified, the course also includes use of a Bondurant vehicle during the course.

You are responsible for your own travel, accommodations, and meals. We have relationships with several nearby resorts and hotels which offer terrific rates for Bondurant students. Please ask your sales representative for further details.

What is Bondurant's policy on gratuities?

The purpose of tipping, at least historically, is to receive a higher level of service. At Bondurant, we provide each and every guest with the same high level of personal service. Therefore, we never solicit tips from our students or visitors.

If you desire to express your appreciation to your instructor or other Bondurant staff, it is acceptable to offer a tip and it will be appreciated; however it is not required or expected. At the Bondurant School it’s all about the students!

What happens if I damage a Bondurant car?

While accidents are very rare, they can happen. If you are involved in an accident, you will be responsible for all costs to have the damage repaired.

To limit your risk, we’ve adopted an insurance program to alleviate any potential financial burden.

While other schools may not hold you responsible for damage, they’ll never let you find the car’s true limits. Others that let you on a racetrack will limit your speed so much that it’s impossible to get into an accident, but it’s also impossible to learn. Only at Bondurant will you drive to your limits.

Can I use my own car?

Typically no. The price of the class includes the use of a Bondurant vehicle. This means you are driving a vehicle that is maintained daily and is track certified and you are not incurring the use of your tires, brakes and engine in demanding situations.

What should I wear?

Very comfortable clothes and shoes. Most of our students wear shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes, and sunglasses. You may want to bring jeans, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt for winter.

What about helmets and driving suits?

We provide Bell helmets and Stand 21 driving suits for the Grand Prix Road Racing, Advanced Road Racing and 3-Day High Performance Driving courses. Our other courses do not require any additional equipment.

If you have your own safety equipment and would be more comfortable wearing it, please feel free to bring it.

Do you hold courses in the rain?

Absolutely! While it doesn’t rain much in Phoenix, it is actually a very beneficial way to learn. Driving in the rain limits the level of adhesion down, and requires you to be an extra smooth driver!

Do you offer race licensing?

Yes we do. In fact, graduates of our 3 and 4-Day Grand Prix Road Racing Course are eligible to apply for an SCCA Regional License, Sports Car License and various vintage racing licenses. For further information on costs and eligibility, contact our sales department.

How much time will I actually spend driving?

All of our courses are structured for maximum driving time. Roughly 80% of your time at Bondurant is spent behind the wheel. Each morning has a short ground school followed by driving exercises. Another briefing follows lunch, and then you’re driving the rest of the afternoon.

And remember, every student is assigned their own car ensuring maximum driving time. The only car students share is the Skid Car, where you will have the opportunity to learn while another drives.

Can I bring friends and relatives to watch?

Sure. Everyone needs a little fan support! They’re welcome to watch at various training areas, take pictures or video, or can even sit in our bleachers overlooking the racetrack. All guests are required to sign all Bondurant waivers and releases prior to being a spectator!


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20000 S. Maricopa Road
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