Enhanced Driving Techniques (EDT) is a 40-hour course that builds off operator experience in the TDT course.

90% of training time is spent behind the wheel of five different types of vehicles on five different tracks. Daily track time in 717 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcats will push operators to new limits of physical, mental, and emotional fatigue which physiologically manifests similar symptoms as hypoxia. New vehicle management techniques will be harnessed to hyper-focus quickly and maximize vehicle performance earlier and for extended periods of time.

High-performance off-road driving and recovery in state of the art Dodge RAMs on the Lucas Oil off-road track will force operators to utilize their vehicle management skills on a dynamic dirt track with rollers, jumps, hill climbs, and off-camber obstacles.

Tactical applications in Dodge Charger skid cars, Ford Crown Victorias, and demolition cars will present operators with ambiguous convoy operations and require deliberate decision-making in the convoy environment to attack and/or defend using their vehicle with ROEs, vehicle preservation, and with the mission in mind.

Deliberate operational risk management and medical planning lower the residual risk of this course to a low level and are available upon request. Student performance is measured using progress checks to ensure progression before advanced operations and are available upon course completion.

Dodge Challenger Hellcat
Dodge Challenger Hellcat

  • 717 Horsepower supercharged 6.2L V8
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • 656 pound-feet torque
  • Three-mode active dampening suspension

Dodge RAM 1500 4×4
Dodge RAM 1500 4x4

  • 395 horsepower 5.7L V8
  • 8 speed automatic transmission
  • Electric shift on-the-fly transfer case

Dodge Charger Skid Car
Dodge Charger Skid Car

  • Electro-hydraulic powered suspension outriggers
  • Cockpit controlled

Ford Crown Victoria
Ford Crown Victoria

  • External wheel/fender guards for safe PIT training
  • Ramming/breaching cars (Put picture here w/ alt text for SEO)
  • Push bumpers for safe training

Ramming/Breaching Cars
Ramming Breaching Cars

  • Push bumpers for safe training

Full track

  • 1.65 miles
  • 15 turns
  • Asphalt

Lake Loop Carousel

  • 1.15 miles
  • 15 turns
  • Asphalt

Maricopa Oval

  • .32 miles
  • 4 turns
  • Asphalt

West Track

  • 1.1 miles
  • 9 turns
  • Asphalt/dirt
  • Mud/water/logs/obstacles

Off Road Track

  • 1.57 miles
  • 15 turns
  • Dirt/mud
  • Hill climbs/30° angles/off camber

Enhanced Ground Skills

  • Tactical driving keys
  • Seating position
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Weight transfer and balance
  • Cornering technique

Enhanced Confined Space Driving

  • Paved skidding
  • Heel-toe downshifting
  • Accident avoidance
  • Performance driving in confined space

Enhanced Open Space Driving

  • Multiple different racetracks
  • Unfamiliar roads
  • Surface transitions
  • Night driving (white light/NVG)

Off Road Driving

  • Off road driving
  • Off road recovery
  • Unimproved road driving

Tactical Application

  • Defending a convoy
  • Attacking a convoy

Full Mission Profiles

  • The three driver team will navigate a series of four consecutive challenges that will require all of the newly learned skills, solving problems together and making high performance decisions under pressure to maximize vehicle(s) performance to accomplish their mission for time.
  • Five training days
  • 9 Students per course
  • 3:1 MIR
  • Scheduling upon request
  • $24,999

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Enhanced Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Dodge Challenger Hellcat
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Dodge Durango SRT
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Dodge Charger Skid Car
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in Ford Crown Victoria
Tactical Driving Techniques special operator evasive maneuvers in ramming breaching cars