Over the years and miles we travel behind the wheel, bad habits weaken our skills. Minds wander. Coffee needs to be ingested before work. Makeup needs to be applied. And the guy in the other lane? He’s even worse! Bondurant’s menu of High Performance Driving courses enables the everyday driver to hone and sharpen their skills on the highways and byways of America. The crucial lessons learned here, aimed at drivers of all skill levels, are not soon forgotten.


Our High Performance Driving course enables everyday drivers to hone and sharpen their skills behind the wheel of one of the most powerful production cars – the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat! Students cover autocross, slalom and accident avoidance, and enjoy plenty of track time on the 1.6 mile Bondurant road course.

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Our Teen Defensive Driving program builds skill and confidence within your new driver with an understanding of car control, active driving and awareness. With safety in mind, this course includes Accident Avoidance, Skid Control and ABS Braking exercises. This isn’t just a great experience for your teen – it’s a gift of peace of mind for you.

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The most demanding moments behind the wheel require a level of knowledge and confidence that only precision training can impart. For over 30 years, Bondurant has established itself as the premier destination for high performance, military and law enforcement vehicle training. Our goal isn’t just to train drivers, but enable them to respond quickly and confidently in a moment’s notice.

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