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Bondurant launched the first Women’s Driving Academy on Saturday, May 9th.

Excitement filled the air as the ladies trickled in before 8am. Pat and Bob Bondurant arrived at the school and made their introductions to all of the students participating in the course. Pat and Bob were thrilled at the diversity of this amazing group. Some of the students are aspiring racecar drivers and others just wanted to come out and have fun in a comfortable environment.

As the morning progressed, the women dropped the wall of fear of getting behind the wheel as they went through some of the exercises like Accident Avoidance in the New Chevrolet Tahoes and Camaros. The Bondurant Driving Instructors made a tremendous impact on the students and they were eager put their newly learned techniques to the test. Their enthusiasm, assurance and gigantic smiles radiated at the finish of each training exercise. Anxiety had been defeated!

The Bondurants’ were watching the training exercises and were impressed by the women’s performance. They were giving helpful tips and encouragement throughout the morning. Pat was beaming with excitement, as her hard work of putting this program together was becoming a huge success!

During the lunch break, Pat and Bob inquired how the group felt about the class. Hearing all of the positive feedback from them was fascinating. The comments circulated around the room about the difference in handling/weight transfer between the Tahoe and Camaro, how natural instincts were challenged and conquered in some of the exercises, having fun in comfortable environment, and the anticipation of the rest of the afternoon.

Afternoon sessions kicked in, enticing the ladies for the thrill they were about to experience. Lap the Maricopa Oval as well as Lead & Follow concluded the course. After the last exercise, everyone got out of the Camaros and felt something indescribable. They experienced the mind blowing; adrenaline pumping, confidence building, thrill of a lifetime that only Bondurant can deliver!

The end result was 11 women who truly experienced a life changing moment they will never forget. They will use their newly acquired driving skills in their everyday life. Below is one of the testimonials we received from the graduates of the First Women’s Driving Academy.

“I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this class. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.
I came away with so much by taking this class and the fact that I had such a great time was priceless. The All Women class took so much of the pressure off of us, and it allowed us to concentrate on the exercises and not feel intimidated or competitive with any men being in the group. I cannot say enough about your staff and your instructors. Not only were they polite and friendly, but also, their professionalism was outstanding. Our instructors were what gave us all the confidence to excel in this course. They also were so much fun to be around, I wanted to sign up for another one of your courses right away.”

Susie Brant – Graduate of the First Bondurant Women’s Driving Academy Class.

Our goal is to attract more women to participate in this life-changing program. Stay tuned to our website for future WDA classes.


20000 S. Maricopa Road, Gate #3
Chandler, AZ 85226

P.O. Box 51980
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