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Bondurant Introduces Newest Course!

Starting today, April 1st, the Bondurant School introduces its newest course to the world: The Wingsuit Adventure Course.

Bob has always been an aviation enthusiast, stretching back to before his professional racing career.  He is a seasoned helicopter pilot and many students can recall him buzzing over them as they drove the hills of Sears Point raceway.

The Wingsuit Adventure Course, also referred to as a “Squirrel Suit” by many, is a suit that allows the person falling in elevation to cruise somewhat laterally with parachute characteristics, slowing the decent, and can be manipulated by the student.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to really spread your wings and fly” said one onlooker in the early stages of the program.  “I’ve always seen those crazy people in YouTube videos and wanted to tempt fate, as well.”

One of the obvious issues with the program was how to get students into the air in the first place.  This took some planning, and to save students on the cost of having to operate airplanes, we took to a more time-tested and classic method, the Trebuchet.

This classic method of flight was used in the 15th century and was so successful that it is still used today in Pumpkin Tossing world-wide.

“It was the obvious choice” says driving instructor and newly-appointed Wingsuit Program Manager Will “Wingsuiter” Parker, “Students should get a solid 15 seconds of air time before worrying about their landing.”

Bondurant is expecting 12 of the most advanced 15th century Trebuchets to arrive next week.  The landing is the last part of the equation and has been figured out since square one: Wild Horse Pass Lake.  “Suiters”, as they’ll be called, will be flung in the general direction of the lake and will be aiming for a soft landing on a giant air pillow, like the one below.

We hope to see you soon!


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