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Bondurant Helps Fox 10 News Tackle Texting while Driving

Tuesday April 10th, 2012 – Tuesday night’s episode of “Glee” picked up on the aftermath of a car crash where the character Quinn is plowed into by a truck because she’s not paying attention while texting.

The show often addresses issues related to teens, and texting behind the wheel has become a huge problem in our country, including here in Arizona.

The state legislature is considering a bill that bans teens from texting while driving. We went out to the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving to talk to the experts.

They told us they’ve always taught defensive driving, distractions and reaction time during their training courses.

They say people don’t understand the risk and dangers of texting behind the wheel.

“This vehicle is a loaded weapon and you have to respect driving the car, period. And then you throw in all the distractions between people and all that, and now the texting, I hope people are more aware that it is a big problem and they just need to stop doing it,” says Alan Rudolph of Bondurant.

“The stress they put on social media and being connected needs to be downplayed. And what needs to be stressed is your safety while you’re driving, and your life because that’s obviously much more important than reading someone’s tweet that second, the moment they tweet it,” says Lindsey Rodrian, Director of First Impressions.

Bondurant teaches teenage defensive driving.

They offer a 4-hour class or a more advanced 3-day driving course.

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Glee Addresses Risks of Texting while Driving:


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