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Bob’s Beginnings


“When I was eight years old, I spent every week looking
forward to Thursday,” explained Bob Bondurant. “Thursday night was the night my
dad took me to the auto races.”

This weekly tradition instilled Bob’s love for everything
racing. That next year Bob’s neighbor, who owned a Harley Davidson Motorcycle,
encouraged this love even further.

“After my first ride on that Harley I thought to myself,
‘that was fun, I’d like to do that again.’”

As any determined child would, Bob sought out every reason
to race. At the age of 14, Bob convinced his mother that a motorcycle would be
very beneficial to his current occupation, a newspaper boy for ‘Look’ Magazine.

“My mother gave in, and after that, I was hooked on
motorcycles,” Bob said.

Bobs very first bike- a Whizzer Motorbike.

A few years later Bob was dirt-track racing the Carroll
Speedway, Calver Speedway, Bakersfield Speedway and Del Mar speedway in
Southern California.

More classic pictures on Bob!

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