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Bondurant Welcomes Winners of Buick’s
S Curve Challenge

PHOENIX, ARIZ. — Bondurant Welcomes Winners of Buick’s S Curve Challenge for
a Day of Driving School Adventure

The Bondurant team recently welcomed winners of Shanghai
General Motors Program, ‘Buick’s S Curve’ to the Bondurant School of High
Performance Driving Friday April 26.

The 41 person group, from the Peoples Republic of China, participated
in a full-day Bondurant Course which included Accident Avoidance, Auto Cross,
Skid-Car, Lead and Follow, and Hot Laps.

The winners used both Bondurant vehicles and Buick vehicles brought from local dealerships.

Bob and Pat look forward to the day the Buick team arrives every year. 

“Every week we welcome excited students from all around the globe,” said Pat

“But every year we are so thrilled with the level of enthusiasm we see with the Buick Shang Hai Group.”

“One of my favorite things to hear,” Bob said with a smile, “is ‘We’re not going to America, we’re going to Bondurant.'”



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